• History



Proud History of longer than Forty years and
One hundred more Challenging years.

Founded in 1962 as a two-year Junior College for female students, Keimyung College University has sustained changes and developments for the better by enhancing our educational system and curriculum in response to a rapid shift of our economy from labor-intensive industrial stage to technology-intensive advanced society and further to more sophisticated knowledge-based information society. With the roles of collage getting sophisticated in line with these social and economic changes, our school changed its name to Keimyung Vocational Junior College in 1979, to Keimyung Junior College in 1989, to Keimyung College in 1998 and to Keimyung College University in 2013 respectively.


2018.01.19 Selected as an 'Excellent' Management Institution in Work-Experience Support Projects
2017.12.14 Entered the Hall of Fame for Education Donation at the 6th Korea Donation for Education Awards ceremony
2017.12.12 Acquired the Junior College Institutional Evaluation “Accreditation” from KAVE (2018 ~ 2022)
2017.09.22 Unveiling Ceremony of Collegiate Stone (Keimyung Stone)
2017.05.02 Selected into the Leaders in INdustry-university Cooperation (LINC+) project
2017.04.04 Designated as a Business Incubator Center (BI)
2017.03.01 Accredited by the International Education Quality Assurance System (IEQAS)
2017.02.10 The 9th University graduation and the 54th College graduation ceremony(169 KMCU graduates and 1915 KMC graduates/ Total Graduates 82,620)
2016.12.22 Authorized by Ministry of Education to create advanced major programs for bachelor's degree(Police administration 20 people, Public health administration 15 people, Speech therapy rehabilitation 15 people)
2016.12.13 Awarded at the 5th Annual Donation for Education Award ceremony in 2016
2016.10.13 Selected for K-MOVE School Project (overseas internship program in Singapore and Malaysia) by Human Resources Development Services of Korea
2016.05.11 Selected to remain part of Governmental Financial Support of Specialized Junior College Development Program by the Ministry of Education after the interim evaluation
2015.03.01 Dr. Park Myung-ho appointed as the 13th president of the College
2015.02.12 "The 7th commencement ceremony (bachelor) and 52nd commencement ceremony (diploma) (bachelor: 109, diploma: 1,943; cumulative totals: 78,341)"
2014.10.14 Named ‘Root Industry Technical Staff Fostering College for Foreigners’
2014.06.26 Named ‘Operating Agency for Young Small Giang Enterprise Experience Program
2014.06.25 Named ‘Youth Employment & Career Support Program by Ministry of Employment and Labor’
2014.04.25 College tree and flower changed to ‘Ginkgo Tree’ and ‘Fringe Tree Flower’ respectively; college stone (Lazurite) designated
2013.08.14 Named ‘College for Korea-EU Educational Cooperation Program’
2013.07.03 Named ‘Educational Competency Improvement Program’ (2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013)
2013.03.01 College renamed to ‘Keimyung College University’
2013.01.25 Named ‘Top Class College’
2012.05.15 50th anniversary of the College
2011.03.01 Dr. Kim Nam-seok appointed as the 12th president of the College