• Message from the President

Message from the President

The power of outstanding KMCU opening up the future!
KMCU soaring to the world!

Our Keimyung college university, opened in 1962, is a learning center, where 5,300 students dreaming to be "Global Culture·Major Leaders" realize their dreams in a beautiful campus of 200,000 square-meters with high-tech educational facilities and welfare environment.

In 2014, it was selected as a specialized junior college. In 2013, it was selected as the educational institution for the Korea-EU Educational Cooperation Project. In 2012, it acquired the junior college institutional evaluation certification. During 2008-2013, it was recognized as a superior higher vocational education institution when it was selected 5 times into the Educational Capacity Enhancement Project(ECEP).

As a result, our university has established itself as a sincere partner of local communities and industries in promoting joint vision and development, and is proud of its 78,000 alumni who are active as professionals in Korea and abroad.

We will continue to make efforts to provide cultural talents education needed by the world and by Korea, and supreme education that satisfy the consumers, based on excellent educational capacity and excellent human and material services.

Thank you!

President of Keimyung College University