• Arts and Physical Education

Arts and Physical Education

Faculty of Fashion

Fashion Design

We nurture competent fashion design specialists required by the modern society, through in-depth study of the various fields of fashion design, on-the-job training, participation in various local and overseas fashion design competitions, special study groups, presentations of fashion design-related work, as well as guidance for fashion business start-ups.

Fashion Technical Design

Our department provides internships in fashion related industries and training programs by experienced experts, to fulfill the need of new clothing manufacturing systems.

Fashion Marketing

We foster leading fashion marketers with systematic training programs, such as fashion planning MD, marketing MD, buying MD, fashion adviser, and shopping mall planning.

Faculty of Design

Visual Design

We dream of a visual designer with infinite imagination and human psychology. With cold head (scientific) and warm heart (artistic), nurture professional visual designers who create ideas with the imaginations stored inside, and create original visual designs. Design is the climax of the capitalist market that can be taken as a lifelong career since, unlike other majors, one can be independent with only small capitals and a few people after gaining several years of practical experience upon graduating from college.

Industrial Design

We dream of industrial designers who pioneer new worlds with creative ideas. Design, being a keyword of the 21st century industry, is recognized as a key field that determines national competitiveness. By applying the standardized NCS to our curriculum, we aim to foster 3D product designers and fusion interior designers who can perform their jobs successfully in the design industry. In addition, we will nurture talented individuals who are able to respond to market changes in the industrial design field and to demands of the industry through educating knowledge and skills required by designers.

Ecological Landscape Design

We dream of a sustainable eco-space designer who can enable the coexistence of humans and the nature. The field of landscaping is a field that plans, designs and constructs a healthy and comfortable living environment that meets the natural order and human needs. We foster experts who are indispensable to the balanced national land use plan. In addition, as low-carbon and green growth is emerging as a global issue nowadays, we aim to foster multinational experts who are essential to the national land use plan because of their expertise in inducing greenhouse gas reduction and in creating an ecological environment that can adapt to climate change.

Faculty of Practical Physical Education

Practical Physical Education

As a life physical trainer and instructor, students learn professional knowledge required as well as scientific and reasonable instruction skills. Students are encouraged to obtain relevant qualification certificates and to further develop their skill and competences with respect to the requirement of certificates in order to meet the needs and requirements in sports entertainment industry and everyday life onsite physical training environment based on practical education curriculum and onsite education.


This course aims to nurture excellent professional instructors through scientific Taekwondo research and a systematic curriculum. Students will acquire theory and practical skills in Taekwondo that will enable them to cope with future social changes and become top-level professional Taekwondo instructors who are able to improve the quality of life by serving the society and the people.


We are in dire need of golf specialists in response to the increasing demands for professional golf specialists and diversification of gold industry in line with a rapid change of trends in life styles in modern age. In a bid to meet these needs and demands, this department is intended to cultivate golf specialists required in golf industry through a systematic education of theories and practical training.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Our division aims to produce remedial exercise experts with knowledge of anatomy, movement anatomy, skeleton system theories, and practical training, such as trunk strength training and function strength training.

Faculty of Practical Music


The development of pop culture has emphasized the importance of the cultural content industry, which is taking center stage. Our division aims to produce remarkable and global individuals who are knowledgable in general musical performances. We foster highly qualified musical work forces through practical techniques and actual training programs.

Practical Music

This department provides students with a variety of courses for major and minor, respectively including vocal, CCM, computer music, jazz piano, vocal music, practical musical composition, orchestral music, piano, electric guitar, base guitar, drum as major courses and group sound, band ensemble, voice coaching (instruction of singing for children and adult), classical guitar, piano pedagogy(piano teaching methodology), Electone for minor courses, as well as music theory, singing at sight, clear voice, choir, concert, instrument playing and critics, harmonics, Korean Samulnori, stage theory, stage performance practice, application playing methodology, ensemble practice, singing practice, rhythm practice, understanding and playing of jazz, instruction method of children’s music, understanding of music appreciation and conducting technique.

Faculty of Digital Contents

Graphic and Visual Image

This department is intended to cultivate professionals who will be able to plan, design and create a variety of graphic and multimedia contents based on education and training regarding engineering and design technologies required to develop digital contents. Some of the courses include digital video and interface design media theory that equip students with the sense of design and competences as art directors in planning, designing and creating a variety of digital content graphics and multimedia contents.


3D stereoscopic animation that will drive out the Korean Wave after the K-POP craze that hit Europe! The animation major enables students to produce the animation of their dreams within just two years. We established and run a company within the department for on-site training and employment purposes, and organize practical classes to create products and distribute them in the market through joint planning with companies.

Smart Web

The Web is currently used as an important base for all activities in our lives such as business, entertainment, education, news, and the arts. With the iPhone and smartphone taking the world by storm, the Web and smart devices are attracting a lot of attention. The web content major offers practical classes on the actual and full process and progress of projects conducted by web agencies and producers of online contents. After graduation, students will not only possess the expertise which will benefit individual startups but also become talented people whom companies will want to employ first.

Faculty of Beauty Coordination

Hair Design

Through theoretical knowledge and systematic technical training for hair styling bsed on personality education, we cultivate hair designers with on-site practical skills demanded by the beaty industry.


The aim is to learn makeup related professional theories and techniques, as well inspire them in their art, our school aims to produce professional, qualified makeup artists.

Skin Care

We educate professional skin-care experts who catalyzes a holistic personal health and beauty by systematic and scientific teaching of theories, advanced training materials, and field adaptive clinical practice training.

Faculty of Corporate Brand

Gellyfit Nail Art

In 2015, we opened the nation's first nail art major to foster specialized nail artist tailored to the needs of the industry. From nail shop, nail art instructor, one-person start-ups to oversea employment, we provide an education that's practical and necessary, and with the college-industry cooperation with Jellyfish, the number 1 company among nail art brands, employment upon graduation is guaranteed 100%.

Oh Moo-Sun Hair Art

We provide practical training programs by Oh Moo-sun (OMS), the best hair designer and trainer in Daegu and the Kyungpook area. Students can acquire system managing and practical skills, and have the opportunity for studies abroad, which enable them to enter OMS Beauty Salon.