• Engineering Sciences

Engineering Sciences

Department of Architecture and Interior Design

The construction interior is about designing the shape and appearance of the spaces we live in as part of our lives. This department is intended to cultivate practical digital construction interior experts required by the sophisticated demands of the 21stcentury through differentiated project-type and practical education based on staff type and team teaching education such as construction design, construction drawing, interior remodeling, advanced major, CAD & computer graphics, project-style practical application education based on industry and academy collaboration.

Department of Fire and Environmental Safety

Students will be equipped with professional knowledge and skills with respect to the cutting-edge industries of firefighting and environment. Leveraging on the infrastructure established through specialization projects of the Ministry of Education&Human Resources Development we provide students with quality and responsible education.

Faculty of Computer Sciences

Computer Information

This department is intended to cultivate computer and IT specialists including programmers and engineers with practical competency by obtaining knowledge and skills with respect to multimedia programming, multimedia content manufacturing, database design and administration, network establishment and management. For this, we provide our students with a wide range of technical courses, including programming language, data structure, algorithm, computer structure, computer network, database, multimedia, Internet programming, web database, web server establishment and management, LINUX and practical projects.

Network Security

With the advent of a variety of information services in the 21st century, we have witnessed a variety of security crimes with respect to the illegitimate release of critical information as one of the negative effects of information society. The network security major is intended to cultivate information protection security professionals who will be in charge of protecting critical network and information from unsolicited hacking and virus attacks through education on hacking and virus, operating system security, establishment of information security system, encryption, network security skills, file system security technologies and vaccine program development skills.

IT Administration

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Department of Electronics & Data Communications

Our department was newly established in 2012, with an entrance quota of 60. It aims to produce future experts who will lead the information and communications industry, which is the growth power of knowledge-based industries and creative economy.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Our department aims to produce students capable of fulfilling product designs, manufacturing, quality control, which are in demand in the automobile industry, shipbuilding business, aviation, semiconductor, household appliances, in large-and mid-size companies. We also have CAD, CAM, and welding technique programs. With the support of the Korean and EU governments, our department is implementing ICI-ECP Cooperation Project, in order to foster a machine technique work force with global competence.