• Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences

Faculty of Food, Nutrition and Cookery

Food and Nutrition

This department is intended to accomplish the goal of making dietary life more scientific and reasonable based on research on science of nutrition and food with the aim of establishing correct diet and to cultivate professional experts in well-being food and nutrition sector. Students are encourage to obtain certificates such as nutritionist, food industry technician, hygienist, food hygienist, and professional cook based on education of a wide range of practical as well as empirical courses, including the science of nutrition and food, dietary therapy, food processing and storage practice, pastry cook practice, cooking practice of Korean foods, cooking practice of western foods, culinary and cooking theory, catering industry and mass cooking, food chemistry, food microbiology, food hygienic, public health science, and group meal management.

Culinary Arts

The increasingly keen attention has been paid to food and diet with the enhanced quality of life. With the philosophy of “Cooking is Art”, the department is intended to cultivate not only professional cooks for Korean, Chinese, western and Japanese foods but also a diverse range of food experts, including cook specialists, professional pastry cooks, food coordinator, food stylist, food consultant, food franchise business person as well as experts of traditional Korean foods, including fermented foods such as alcohol, soy sauce and bean paste as well as Korean rice cake and snack.


Our division aims to produce competitive confectionery experts with Eastern and Western decorating skills and manufacturing techniques through repetitive training programs.

Department of Nursing

Based on respect and love for human life and dignity, our department aims to produce nurses with expertise and qualifications. Students are expected to be capable of dealing with problem-solving situations and enhance patients' health.