• Humanities and Social Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Early Childhood Education

This department is aiming at cultivating competent professional nursery school teachers. For this, students are provided with education of professional knowledge and actual instruction methodologies required to foster and educate infants and toddlers based on a precise understanding of growth and development in early childhood period as well as regarding infant education institutions and management skills.

Faculty of Business Administration

Business Administration

The goal is to train mid-level manager who knows the theory for enterprise management and has excellent practical abilities. We educate knowledge-based management such as personnel organization, service operation, distribution logistics, marketing, production, quality management, computer accounting, management information, ERP, and e-business. we also teach management techniques that support sustainable management, which are the basis for creating global profits.

Finance and Insurance

To foster financial specialists necessary for financial institutions and corporations, we cultivate the ability to perform tasks such as risk management and personal financial asset management consulting. For this we teach economic principles, financial product structure theory and insurance theory as well as practical experience so that students can learn how to manage losses and damages that may arise due to future uncertain events.

Startups and Franchise Business

We aim to nurture a practical CEO for franchise business. We envision that our students will be able to manage headquarters of 150 franchise businesses, operate nationwide franchise branches, and nurture core supervisor and managers of franchisees, centering on service management and business analysis on location and basic cost for establishment as well as tax management.

Faculty of Hotel, Airline Services, Catering and Tourism


This department is intended to train students to become professional managers in tourism, lodging and catering industry, which has made a rapid growth along with supreme level tourism hotel and condominium serving as a backbone of tourism industry. Students are provided with a variety of services skills required in supreme level tourism hotel facilities including rooms, food and beverage, banquet and convention while studying basic management theories including hotel HR management and hotel accounting. Also included is the training to enhance foreign language skills befitting for hoteliers with qualifications such as certified hotel service provider and certified hotel manager and to adapt well to social life by enhancing relationship building skills and appropriate personal features.

Airline Services

This department is intended to cultivate air stewardesses, one of the most favored jobs among female college students. Students are provided with practical education and training on in-flight services, structure of aircraft, food and beverage services, and in-flight broadcasting while developing physique as well as manners and outward appearance suitable to air stewardesses.


Students get to work in various sectors regarding air-travel services based on education on theories and business practices after graduation. Students will be able to have intermediate or higher level of English proficiency along with a proper level of communication skills with the second foreign language such as Japanese and Chinese. In addition, students learn to develop proper personality for better adaptation to society and to build social relationship skills.


Students of this department learn the basics of corporate management as well practical skills with respect to the tourism industry and airline industry (personnel on land) such as planning travel, arrangement, guidance with the aim of advancing into the tourism and aero industry. They learn about how to plan and manager a variety of leisure activities as well as get training and education on foreign language befitting to the certificates such as tourism interpreter and guider and domestic tourism guider while obtaining social relationship building skills and personalities suitable for social life.

Department of Tax Accounting and Information

Our college is the one and only Junior College that provides the tax accounting information program and delivers practical-purpose lectures on various tax related courses, including accounting practice, tax knowledge regarding VAT and corporation tax, how to search information on the web and how to create a website, and utilization of various office automation programs.

Department of Social Welfare and Counseling

A wide range of courses, including social welfare knowledge and practical technique, consultation theory and skills, principle and methods of nurturing and care as well as related education extended from regular courses are provided for students to enhance knowledge and skills required to deal with various social welfare issues and to contribute to the development of local communities through voluntary services and participatory and discussion style education. The integrated and holistic education is intended to cultivate competent welfare consultants rich with practical experiences, problem-solving capabilities as well as quality personality, morality and responsibility.

Department of Police Administration

The citizens in the era of globalization of the 21st century are widely exposed to highly sophisticated crimes and international terrors. The police administration department is aiming to cultivate professional police officers or administrators who will be in charge of leading the development of local communities as well as police, prosecutors, courts, public servants and military investigation institute. Students are in a favorable circumstance where 5,000 police officers are scheduled to be newly employed annually for the next three to five years due to abolition of mandatory police service system.

Faculty of Military Sciences


Our department aims to produce qualified army executives who will play key roles in this information era and satisfy the qualifications and skills that the army requires.

Naval Aviation

Our department aims to produce naval executives with expertise and morality who take the initiative and set examples. We provide education programs, military English, military science, and work study programs, which help students to possess important qualifications as professional soldiers.

Department of Child Care and Education

The objective of the department is to provide an integrated childecare teacher training with early childhood education and therapy. We nurture 'childcare teachers' who will lead the childcare culture based on early childhood education and who will become 'developmental rehabilitation service specialists' capable of offering therapy to children with special needs, as well as other various groups of children. Being the only school in Korea which integrates early childhood education and therapy, we create a childcare ecosystem of participation and trust, cultivating talents in both the arts and humanities, and nurturing customized childcare and rehabilitation support specialists.

Faculty of Health

Public Health Administration

The Department of Public Health Administration educate a hospital administration field that manages medical records and administration of hospitals and healthcare institutions and review insurance claims. We train practitioners in the field of practical healthcare administration who can effectively deal with health related work such as counseling coordinator to perform health counseling and education for patients, and international medical tourism coordinator to attract and manage foreign patients.

Public Health Management

The Public Health Management major nurtures experts in on-the-job-type healthcare management that can efficiently process work by introducing a training course that reflects industry needs. We educate professional knowledge in the fields of health education, hospital administration, consultation coordinator, and international medical tourism coordinator. The curriculum includes planning, preparation, performance, evaluation and education of smoking cessation, moderation in drink and exercise programs that can be conducted in health medical institutions or industrial institutes.

Speech Rehabilitation

Those in Speech Therapy Rehabilitation major provide the people with disabilities with communication skills diagnosis and treatment, and then acquires the expertise to prevent and rehabilitate the communication disorder. This curriculum, reflecting the needs of the industry, aims to cultivate on-the-job practical speech theraphy rehabilitation specialists who are able to enable people with disabilities to express emotions freely using various art media. This curriculum also teaches expert knowledge that enable people with disabilities to build trust and relationship with themselves and others.